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Mission Statement

To conduct business with integrity, constantly improve, and provide to our customers innovative design and manufacturing processes that produce high quality and competitively priced products.

Core Values

We place a great deal of importance on our core values and regularly discuss these principles with our employees.  We expect all of our employees to act consistently with our core values while performing their job duties and inspire them to live their lives in the same manner:

Credible:  By meeting due dates we promise our customers and always acting consistently with our core values and policies.

Honesty:   Only conducting business with integrity and providing truthful responses to our customers, even when the message is difficult to deliver.  

Pride:    We take pride in our ourselves and workmanship by only delivering high quality products made to our customer’s specifications.   

Respect:   To our fellow employees as human beings and to our customers by responding to them in an honest, timely manner.

Management Philosophy

We will excel in the Metal Fabrication Market, by exceeding the expectations of our customers.  We will maximize the value of our Company by focusing on our core principles:

  • Quality

    We will remain committed to a superior level of quality in the development, design, sales and delivery of products and services to our individual customers.  Quality means satisfying customers’ needs now and in the future.  To do this, we must continually improve the quality of everything we make or do.

  • Uniqueness

    We will not be limited by perceptions of what is traditional in manufacturing.  We will chart innovative paths to success that differentiate us from our competitors. We envision being relationship-oriented in our style and quality of service.  We will strive to be unique in the ways we do business

  • Integrity

    Personal and company integrity is the foundation for all our activities. We operate in an ethical and legal manner.  We are dedicated to being honest and straightforward in our dealings with customers, the public and each other.  Integrity is a cherished possession we want never to lose.

  • Caring

    We will guide our business activities by a sense of genuine caring as we serve our customers and fellow employees.  We will treat our employees with fairness and provide them with opportunities for development to be their best.  We will use teamwork to benefit from a diversity of talents and viewpoints that will be united to build a caring and winning team.

  • Knowledge

    We will continue to hire, train and retain individuals with superior skills and abilities.  We will enable our employees to participate in all areas of the company to provide continuous improvement in products, policies and practices.  We will encourage our employees to take advantage of every opportunity to improve their skills.