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3 Sheet Metal Fabrication Services We Provide

At Wilkins Manufacturing, we have several departments each offering unique services. These include our team of TIG, MIG & spot welders, our CNC machining team, our CNC turning experts, and our laser cutting and sheet metal department. When it comes to sheet metal fabrication, we can provide with several different types of metal fabrication, including […]

Need CNC Turning? Welding? Laser Cutting? We Can Help!

Often when a company needs services such as TIG welding, laser cutting and CNC turning, they must search for multiple companies to complete these tasks. At Wilkins Manufacturing, however, our facility includes multiple departments to serve all of your manufacturing needs. Here is a look at the services we provide. CNC Turning Our facility includes […]

5 Interesting Facts About TIG Welding

Recently we shared some interesting information about MIG welding, but at Wilkins Manufacturing, we provide many other types of welding services, including TIG welding. TIG welding, which stands for tungsten inert gas welding, is one of the most common types of welding processes. Here are a few quick facts about TIG welding and our welding […]

Sheet Metal Fabrication & Our Top 5 Favorite Metals

At Wilkins Manufacturing, you might say we have a passion for metal. It’s astounding how one can take a single sheet of metal and transform this material into a usable part or an entire product. Through sheet metal fabrication, you can create thousands of items, and we are busy doing just that day after day. […]